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Title: The Effect of N Fertiliser forms on nitrous oxide emissions from UK arable and grassland. Defra project number NT2605
Related Party - Organisation (Author): ADAS
Related Party - Organisation (Author): Rothamsted Research - North Wyke
Related Party - Organisation (Author): SRUC
Related Party - Organisation (Author): The University of Edinburgh
Related Party - Organisation (Funder): Defra
The overall objective of this project was to generate robust nitrous oxide emission factors for predicting losses following application of different nitrogen fertiliser materials (ammonium nitrate, urea, urea+urease inhibitor Agrotain, urea ammonium nitrate solution and urea ammonium sulphate) in a wide range of cropping, soil type and climatic situations within the UK. This project was part of a wider research programme (NT26) which also included measurements of nitrogen release patterns, nitrogen loss pathways (ammonia emissions and spring nitrate leaching) and agronomic performance (crop yield and quality). The research output was used to assess the performance of the alternative nitrogen fertiliser materials, to validate ammonia emission factors and to provide practical information for farmers.
Subject Keywords: Nitrous oxideManufactured nitrogen fertilizersUrease inhibitorsEmission factor
Geographic Keywords: United Kingdom
Time Window -  Start: 2003-12-01 00:00:00 End: 2006-03-31 00:00:00
Publication Date: 2017-04-07

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