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Title: Annual N2O measurements and associated data: AC0116, County Down, 2011
Related Party - Organisation (Author): AFBI
Related Party - Organisation (Funder): Defra
Related Party - Organisation (Funder): Scottish Government
Related Party - Organisation (Funder): Welsh Assembly Government
Related Party - Organisation (Funder): DAERA Northern Ireland
At the AFBI Hillsborough research farm near Hillsborough, south-east Northern Ireland (clay loam topsoil texture), direct N2O-N emissions were measured using 40 x 40 cm stainless steel static chambers from replicated (x3) plots (2 x 16 m) following spring applications of manufactured nitrogen (N) fertilisers to permanent grassland. A control treatment was included where no N fertiliser was applied. Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) fertiliser (27% N) was applied at 5 different rates; 80, 160, 240, 320 and 400 kg N/ha, and urea fertiliser (46% N) at a rate of 320 kg N/ha, in four split applications (late-March, mid-April, mid-May and early-July). Additionally, CAN fertiliser was also applied in six splits in late-March, early-April, mid-April, late-April, mid-May and early-July; the first four splits were of 30-40 kg/N ha i.e. ‘little and often’. In separate CAN and urea treatments, a commercially available nitrification inhibitor was tested; dicyandiamide (DCD) was sprayed at a rate equivalent to 10 kg DCD/ha onto the CAN and urea plots (2% solution) immediately after N fertiliser application at a rate of 320 kg N/ha, in four split applications. A DCD only treatment was also included, where DCD was sprayed onto the soil surface at a rate equivalent to 10 kg DCD/ha, in four split applications. This essentially gave a Control + DCD treatment which meant that N supplied by the DCD in the CAN + DCD and Urea + DCD did not need to be accounted for. Two extra treatments were included by AFBI at the Hillsborough site; 1) Urea granules coated with a powder of the commercially available urease inhibitor (Agrotain) to c.400 ppm and applied evenly by hand in four split applications to give a total N application rate of 320 kg N/ha; 2) Agrotain coated urea granules (c.400 ppm), applied evenly by hand in four split applications to give a total N application rate of 320 kg N/ha, with DCD sprayed immediately over the fertiliser after application at a rate equivalent to 10 kg DCD/ha. In any of the relevant treatments, the N supplied by the DCD was not accounted for in the 320 kg N/ha application, due to the Control + DCD treatment (outlined above). Following N fertiliser application, measurements of direct N2O-N were made over c.12 months, using 5 static chambers (0.8 m2 total surface area) per plot and analysed by gas chromatography. Grass yields and N offtakes were also measured following grass cuts in early-May, late-June and mid-August 2011. Where measured, this dataset contains: annual nitrous oxide emissions (kg N2O-N/ha/year), annual nitrous oxide emission factors (% of total nitrogen applied), year experiment started, crop type, previous crop type, age of grass ley, soil texture, soil clay content, soil dry bulk density, soil organic carbon content, soil pH, total rainfall during the experimental period, nitrogen source, experimental treatments, application timing, block number, total nitrogen applied, readily available nitrogen (i.e. if present, the sum of ammonium-N and nitrate-N) applied, cumulative ammonia emissions, cumulative nitrate leaching loss, crop yield and crop total nitrogen offtake. ND = not determined. NA = not applicable. 'Rainfall during the experimental period' = cumulative rainfall from the first day of fertiliser application to the last day of N2O sampling. The N2O emission factors are calculated using annual cumulative N2O values to 15 decimal places, however the annual cumulative N2O and emission factor values have been reported elsewhere to 2 decimal places. The cumulative N2O emissions have been corrected to a 365 day measurement period.
Subject Keywords: Nitrous oxideManufactured nitrogen fertilizersCalcium ammonium nitrateUreaNitrification inhibitorsDCDUrease inhibitorsGrassland soilsClay soils
Geographic Keywords: County Down
Observed Properties: Ammonia emissionApplication timingCrop nitrogen offtakeCrop yieldCropsEmission factorExperimental blockingExperimental treatmentGrass ley ageNitrate leachingNitrogen sourceNitrous oxide mass fluxRainfallReadily available-nitrogenSoil clay contentSoil dry bulk densitySoil organic carbonSoil pHSoil textureTotal nitrogenYear
Parameter: Age of grass ley
Parameter: Annual nitrous oxide emission
Parameter: Annual nitrous oxide emission factor (% of total nitrogen applied)
Parameter: Application timing
Parameter: Block number
Parameter: Clay content
Parameter: Crop total nitrogen offtake
Parameter: Crop type
Parameter: Crop yield
Parameter: Cumulative ammonia emission
Parameter: Cumulative nitrate leaching loss
Parameter: Nitrogen source
Parameter: Previous crop type
Parameter: Rainfall during the experimental period
Parameter: Readily available-nitrogen applied
Parameter: Soil dry bulk density
Parameter: Soil organic carbon
Parameter: Soil pH
Parameter: Soil texture
Parameter: Total nitrogen applied
Parameter: Treatment
Parameter: Year experiment started

Geographic Extent -
    Longitude (West): -6.22
    Longitude (East): -5.95
    Latitude (South): 54.37
    Latitude (North): 54.53

Phenomenon Time -  Start Date/Time: 2011-03-22 End Date/Time:  2012-03-13
Result Time: 2012-03-13
Valid Time -  Start Date/Time: 2011-03-22 End Date/Time:  2012-03-13
Feature of Interest: biosphere
Publication Date: 2017-04-05

This data is made available under the terms of the FBA Licence.

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