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Title: Background soil mineral nitrogen: AC0213, Cambridgeshire, 2012
Related Party - Organisation (Author): ADAS UK Ltd.
Related Party - Organisation (Funder): Defra
On a commercial arable farm near Cambridge, eastern England (clay topsoil texture), direct nitrous oxide (N2O) and ammonia (NH3) emissions were measured from replicated (x3) plots (24 x 11 m), following spring applications of manufactured nitrogen (N) fertilisers to winter wheat. A control treatment was included where no N fertiliser was applied. Ammonium nitrate (AN) fertiliser (34.5% N), urea fertiliser (46% N) or an ammonium sulphate nitrate (ASN) fertiliser (26% N) were applied at a rate of 200 kg N/ha, in three split applications (mid-March, mid-April and early-May). In separate treatments, two commercially available nitrification inhibitors were tested; dicyandiamide (DCD) was sprayed at a rate of 10 kg/ha (6.5 kg N/ha) onto the AN and urea plots immediately after N fertiliser application, and a 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) containing fertiliser (26% N) was also applied at a rate of 200 kg N/ha, in three split applications. The N supplied by the DCD was accounted for in the 200 kg N/ha application. Additionally, AN and urea fertiliser was also applied in five equal splits in mid-March, late-March, mid-April, late-April and early-May i.e. 'little and often'. This dataset is of soil mineral nitrogen (SMN) values measured to 0-90 cm depth before experimental treatments were applied.
Subject Keywords: Background soil mineral nitrogenArable landWinter wheatClay soils
Geographic Keywords: Cambridgeshire
Observed Properties: Ammonium-nitrogenBackground soil mineral nitrogenExperimental blockingNitrate-nitrogenSampling depth
Parameter: Background soil mineral nitrogen content
Parameter: Block number
Parameter: Depth of soil sampling
Parameter: Soil ammonium-nitrogen content
Parameter: Soil nitrate-nitrogen content

Geographic Extent -
    Longitude (West): -0.16
    Longitude (East): 0.11
    Latitude (South): 52.19
    Latitude (North): 52.35

Phenomenon Time -  Start Date/Time: 2012-03-13 End Date/Time:  2013-03-13
Result Time: 2012
Valid Time -  Start Date/Time: 2012-03-13 End Date/Time:  2013-03-13
Feature of Interest: biosphere
Publication Date: 2017-02-03

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