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Taxon Details

Pseudokephyrion gibbosum Ramberg 1978

  • Taxonomic Rank: Species
  • Taxonomic Status: Accepted
  • Parent Taxon: Pseudokephyrion (Genus)

EA Chrysophyte Information

  • Shape: Lorica with broad anterior which widens and then narrows. Cell with 2 flagella of different lengths
  • Ecology: In humic oligotrophic fresh waters
  • Life forms: Planktonic; Solitary cells
  • Distribution: UK, Europe, Western palearctic
  • Measure: Organism-Width: Miniumum 4 Micrometre Maximum 12 Micrometre
  • Measure: Organism-Length: Miniumum 10 Micrometre Maximum 12 Micrometre
  • Notes: Flagella not always present