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Taxon Details

Mallomonas Perty 1851

EA Chrysophyte Information

  • Whitton Code: 09310000
  • Shape: Cells with one visible flagellum, and covered with silica scales. In most species some scales bearing silica bristles
  • Ecology: Typical in fresh waters.
  • Life forms: Planktonic; Solitary cells
  • Distribution: UK, Europe, Western palearctic
  • Measure: Organism-Width: Miniumum 3 Micrometre Maximum 30 Micrometre
  • Measure: Organism-Length: Miniumum 40 Micrometre Maximum 100 Micrometre

Taxon Information

  • Geographical Distribution: This species is widely distributed, especially in the northern hemisphere.
  • Physiology: The identification of the species is based on the diverse structure and arrangement of the scales and spines which, as with diatoms, are only visible via electron microscopy. The spores of Mallomonas species are formed inside the coating of scales and spines.