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Title: Diagnostic Drawing: Cyanobacteria - unicellular and colonial
Description: Diagnostic drawings of Cyanobacteria - unicellular and colonial, used for training.
Photographer: Allan Pentecost
Curator: Freshwater Biological Association
Artist: Allan Pentecost
Copyright Holder: Freshwater Biological Association
Publisher: Freshwater Biological Association
Note (original item): Record creation date:2008-10-14 09:34:51
Subject Keywords: baeocyte; gas vacuolate; nannocyte
Taxonomic Keywords: synechococcus; Aphanothece; gloeocapsa; Microcystis; coelospaerium; entophysalis; dermocarpa; chamaesiphon; Cyanophyceae; Oscillatoriophycideae; Synechococcaceae; Chroococcales; Microcystaceae; Cyanobacteriaceae; Entophysalidaceae; Entophysalidoideae; Chamaesiphonaceae

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Pentecost, Allan [Photographer], Pentecost, Allan [Artist] (2016) Diagnostic Drawing: Cyanobacteria - unicellular and colonial [image] Freshwater Biological Association [publisher] Permalink:

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