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Title: Biodiversity - Key Resources Inventory
Author: O N Jarratt
Author: G Storey
Author: Environment Agency
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_1021, Representation ID: 307, Object ID: 2300
Historically, inventories have consisted of lists of sites where either different habitats and/or species can be found and have arisen out of a basic requirement to catalogue a given resource. While these have proved useful for a range of management issues, they do not meet our increasing information needs in relation to current (UK Biodiversity Action Plans, Habitats and Birds Directives) and future (Water Framework Directive) drivers. Modern inventories should provide limits of the extent of habitat and species distributions, be based on agreed definitions and be capable of being updated at a known frequency. Once generated such inventories can be held within Geographical Information Systems (GIS), allowing further manipulation of the data. Inventories can be spatially integrated with other data sets such as the location of designated sites, Environment Agency monitoring sites and the location of licensed discharges and abstractions. In this way a wider range of pertinent information can be gathered thus providing answers to questions which to date have been difficult, if not impossible to answer. This project has focused on generating habitat inventories of specific use to the Environment Agency. This has been driven by looking at those habitats where the Agency has lead responsibility under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. These include aquifer fed naturally fluctuating water bodies, chalk rivers, coastal saltmarsh, eutrophic standing waters and mudflats. This work has been completed either by collaborating with other interested parties or by independently generating the inventories. Where this has been possible a detailed description of the methods employed has been recorded.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Subject Keywords: BiodiversityGeographical information systemsRiversLakesEstuariesCoastal watersInformation systemsBrackishwater environmentFreshwater ecologyMarine environment
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