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Title: Synoptic State of the Environment Monitoring
Author: M Gebhardt
Author: Environment Agency
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_637, Representation ID: 210, Object ID: 1970
This report explains the use of the Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager (CASI) for state of the environment monitoring. The document forms the third part of a package of work, the first two parts of which were the acquisition and operation of the CASI system and the production of a technical specification. A large number of current and potential applications are described, however, no attempt has been made to provide an exhaustive list of applications. Possible uses of CASI data fall into a number of applications areas which can be broadly categorised as: - monitoring the condition of environmental resources - coastal zone management - flood defence - water quality monitoring - habitat monitoring and conservation - discharge monitoring and pollution detection - environmental change monitoring - environmental impact assessment. The CASI instrument provides data that can supply a large scale spatial context for existing measurement techniques on an easily repeatable basis. These data add value to existing datasets and techniques and, in many situations, can provide information that has not previously been available. The flexibility of the tool allows it to be deployed at short notice or on a regular basis to provide data obtained at the most appropriate times for the application.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Subject Keywords: Water qualityMonitoringRiversLakesEnvironmental monitoringEstuariesCoastal watersEnvironmental monitoringRemote sensingBrackishwater environmentMarine environmentFreshwater ecology
Extent: 69
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