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Title: Prioritising the Issues in Local Environment Agency Plans through Concensus Building with Stakeholder Groups
Author: Clark J
Author: J Clark
Author: J Burgess
Author: N Dando
Author: D Bhattachary
Author: K Heppel
Author: P Jones
Author: J Murlis
Author: P Wood
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_506, Representation ID: 172, Object ID: 1845
This document provides a detailed report of the testing of an experimental methodology for. prioritising issues in Local Environment Agency Plans (LEAPS) using the New Forest LEAP. This methodology combines a deliberative procedure with-, a .formal. decisionanalysis technique - multi-criteria analysis (MCA). An overview of the methodology, (section 2) is followed bya a detailed description and analysis of each stage of the process. The first stage involved the recruitment of a stakeholder group from amongst organisations in the LEAP area whose interests encompassed the whole area and/or key activities within~it (section- 3). This group then worked through the methodology in a series of four structured workshops (section 4). :During the first the-group assessedthe costs, benefits and risks of the issues identified in the New Forest LEAP, a task which provided the context for the; second workshop. during~. which the group .developed a set of criteria for ,evaluating the. issues in the LEAP. The third workshop saw the group assessing, each. issue .against each criterion., .During the final workshop they discussed and agreed the results of the MCA (a list of the.issues in the New Forest LEAP arranged in priority groups) and reviewed the process itself This detailed. record of the testing of the methodology is followed by an evaluation of the various stages and aa report on the stakeholdersa own evaluation of the project, both. as a group and as individuals- (sectiona 5). -.Overall, the experiment was judged to be a both the consultants and the stakeholders and is recommended to : the Agency. as a means of determining ;priorities within LEAPS. Section 6 provides a summary of the benefits. of using the methodology and a list of recommendations derived from the experience of carrying it out:- R and D Project Record W4/002/1 3 1.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Extent: 104
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