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Title: Scoping Study For Collaborative R and D Between The Environment Agency And L'agence De L'eau Seine Normandie
Author: J M Mouchel Mouchel
Author: Environment Agency
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_280, Representation ID: 50, Object ID: 1626
The Scoping Study was initiated to investigate some of the approaches relating to catchment water management with particular reference to Local Agenda 21 and sustainability. There are obvious advantages in collaborative R and D projects which endeavour to provide for the sustainable management of the water environment and which facilitate review strategies and implementation and promotion of international scientific research co-operation on water issues forboth SAGES and LEAPs. The establishment of partnerships, exchange of expertise and exploration of long-term R and D is central to the identification of best current practice and in developing best preferred practice applicable at the national level. The promotion of such R and D projects at the national level would ensure some degree of national symmetry in adopted policies. Key features of the scoping study focus on urban conurbations; rural : catchment issues and the implementation of Thames 21 and SDAGE. The ideas for future research will be reported- to the French. Inter-Agence Research Committee and to Board of the UK Environment Agency. The management of freshwater has been highlighted as being one of the major European environmental issues. The European Environment Agency have stated Pollution trends are constraining potential. water use but total water demand is increasing - such trends are not sustainable (EEA, 1995a). Education has a vital role to play in raising awareness of this and other environmental issues in the community.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Subject Keywords: WetlandsSustainable developmentWastewaterResearch
Extent: 87
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