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Title: Guidelines for river corridor surveys in the NRA : February 1992. draft 3
Author: National Rivers Authority Welsh Region
Document Type: Monograph
This document details recommended techniques for carrying our the basic ecological survey of habitats along a river corridor for strategic purposes. The methodology is derived from that developed by the Nature Conservancy Council in the early 1980's and published as Surveys of Wildlife in River Corridors, Draft Methodology (1984) . It should be noted that, for a full river corridor survey, other factors need to be taken into account. The ecological survey methodology is a habitat based approach, essentially recording details of vegetation and physical structure rather than comprehensive species accounts. It involves mapping, defined stretches of river of approximately 500 metres length. Base maps will be derived from Ordnance Surveys maps at 1:2500 scale or other scales, as appropriate. Surveys will cover both banks of smaller rivers, but only one bank at a time of large rivers or embanked watercourses. The definition of the river corridor for the habitat module shall be taken as the four riparian zones: aquatic zone, marginal zone, bank zone and adjacent land zone.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1992
Publication Place: Cardiff
Subject Keywords: RiversRiver corridor surveysMethodologyGuidelinesHabitats
Extent: n.p. [22]
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