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Title: Welsh sheep dip monitoring programme : 1999
Author: Environment Agency Wales
Document Type: Monograph
This Environment Agency report describes the sheep dip monitoring programme held in 1999 in Wales. Sheep are prone to infestation by a number of ectoparasites and are dipped for economic, cosmetic and welfare reasons. Sheep Scab, caused by the ectoparasites Psoroptes ovis or Sarcopies scabiei, is perhaps the most serious condition which can cause discomfort and even death. There is therefore a need for effective treatment systems on sheep welfare grounds. Two groups of chemicals are currently licensed for sheep dipping: organophosphates (OPs) and the newer synthetic pyrethroids (SPs) such as flumethrin and cypermethrin. Since 1995 there has been an increasing awareness of the environmental problems associated with the use of synthetic pyrethroid based sheep dips. The monitoring programme of 1999 were continued with the following aims: to establish whether the increase in farmer awareness in 1998 was continued in 1999 with improvements in practices; to determine whether any change in practices resulted in less environmental impact; to investigate what impact the introduction of the Groundwater Regulations in April 1999 had had; to further investigate the occurrence of sheep dip in Sewage Treatment Works effluent and to establish if this was leading to environmental impacts which should be targeted by consent review.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 2000
Publication Place: Cardiff
Subject Keywords: Environmental impactInsecticidesPesticidesSheepMonitoring
Geographic Keywords: Wales
Extent: 35
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