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Title: Summary document to assist public consultation on proposals for the future regulation of disposals of radioactive waste from British Nuclear Fuels Ltd, Sellafield
Author: Environment Agency North West Region
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: EA additional title info: Radioactive Substances Act 1993 Summary Document
This document summarise the principal proposals being made for the future regulation of the BNFL activities at the Sellafield site. The Environment Agency commenced a review of the six existing Authorisations for the BNFL operations at the Sellafield site in April 2000. A three stage process was developed for the review so as to ensure that the review and its findings were open, transparent and allowed for participation of a broad range of interested parties. Stage 1 of the process involved the production of what is termed the Scope and Methodology Document. This document which was subject to public consultation sets out the issues that would be addressed by the review. Stage 2 of the process was a detailed technical review of the operations at the Sellafield site using historical information and information provided by BNFL. This stage was completed at the end of july 2001. The output from Stage 2 is the Sellafield Review Explanatory Document. This document sets out in considerable detail the Agency's proposals for the future regulation of disposal of radioactive wastes and effluents to air, sea and land from the premises of BNFL at the Sellafield site. The document is accompanied by a substantial package of supporting information provided in the course of the review. The supporting information contains some additional information from BNFL which was submitted too late to be assessed fully prior to the start of the public consultation. The Agency will be examining the additional information closely and will take it into account in formulating its final proposals. The two documents constitute the "Consultation Package" which is now available to statutory consultees and other interested parties as part of the consultation exercise on the Agency's proposals for the regulation of the site. The consultation period, which has been extended on account of the holiday period, finishes on 3 December 2001. The consultation package is a very large and detailed set of documents. To assist those who may not wish to read all the documents but may still want to participate in the consultation process we have produced this smaller document "The Main Review Summary".
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: [after 1996]
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: Radioactive pollutantsNuclear physicsPollution preventionWaste disposalRegulationsConsultation
Geographic Keywords: EA North WestCumbria
Extent: 12
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