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Title: Naturalisation of the Orton flow record
Author: Environment Agency Anglian Region
Document Type: Monograph
Flow data for the river Nene at Orton is primarily required for analysis of Rutland yield, but is also used more widely as the standard naturalised series for the river Nene and in the past has been used to estimate flows to tide. The flow series was naturalised by the Welland and Nene River Division and its predecessor authorities. The procedure was very thorough, using flows through the supply system to estimate public water supply. The naturalisation procedure was necessarily time consuming and it was discontinued in 1976, with the onset of pumping to Rutland, as flows through an increasingly complex supply system were expected to become very difficult to account for. On occasion the procedure gave obviously erroneous results, which were ascribed to imprecise reservoir storage calculations and use of dry weather flows from sewage treatment works. The artificial influences upon the Nene catchment, losses from the catchment are: Net industrial direct abstraction; Net agricultural direct abstractions; Abstraction from Wansford to Rutland water; Abstraction from Duston Mill to Pitsford Reservoir; Gross public water supply abstractions made within the catchment. (These are gross because the return of part of the water supplied is input separately as sewage effluent.) Gains to the catchment are: Effluent from sewage treatment works. (This is the returned water from the Wansford and other PWS abstractions.); and effluent discharges from Corby steelworks and power station (which are supplied from Eye Brook reservoir in the Welland catchment).
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 1997
Publication Place: Peterborough
Subject Keywords: RiversFlow rateWater supplyWater abstractionEffluents
Geographic Keywords: Orton (Peterborough)Nene (river)
Extent: 17; + appendices
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