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Recorded rainfall data in the Wensum Catchment between 2010 and 2015 (hourly resolution)

Related Party - Organisation (Author): Wensum Alliance
This dataset contains the Wensum Demonstration Test Catchment's rain gauge records in the Wensum catchment, Norfolk, United Kingdom. The record covers the monitoring period from 2010 to 2015. The data includes date, time and rainfall measurement (in mm) aggregated to an hourly resolution throughout the monitoring period. A potential error check is also included, to highlight any possible errors associated with the record. Please see supporting document for further information.

Subject Keywords: Rain gaugesRainfallWeather dataRainfall patternsPrecipitationPrecipitation measurements
Geographic Keywords: WensumNorfolkUnited KingdomEast AngliaCatchment basin
Phenomenon Time -  Start Date/Time: 2010-14-10 08:00:00 End Date/Time:  2015-31-01 23:00:00

Geographic Extent -
    Longitude (West): 1.0791389
    Longitude (East): 1.2012908
    Latitude (South): 52.773180
    Latitude (North): 52.806997

Data Quality Statement:
The Wensum DTC has a monitoring network installed to measure meteorological, hydrological and hydrochemical parameters in target sub-catchments. This statement aims to describe the in-situ monitoring equipment, methods and protocols performed on our data before it is published on the archive. Quality assurance and quality control procedures Quality assurance (QA) procedures are followed during data collection, detailed with our monitoring equipment. Regular maintenance activities are carried out at a weekly frequency and involve cleaning of flow-through cells, clearing of in-channel vegetation and debris where stage is monitored and cleaning of rain gauges. All field work and maintenance activities are entered into maintenance logs for each site, which are used during data quality control (QC) procedures. QC procedures include the validation of high-frequency nutrient data using point samples in the Blackwater sub catchment. These samples are analysed in laboratories following standard methods. Inter-laboratory comparisons are used to check consistency in analytical procedures between sub-catchments. QC procedures also include the identification of errors in all data sets. Errors flagged as critical include: periods of maintenance when data may be unrepresentative; equipment of power failures; or data below limits of detection. On-site visits by field staff are recorded in a maintenance log which is checked against the data during the quality control (QC) post-processing. Any data likely to be disturbed by the routine field work are removed, along with any known periods of downtime, hence some of the data is not included and there may be time breaks in the files accessible on the archive. The Wensum DTC’s weather station data has been corrected for issues predominantly associated with the anemometer, hence some of the data is not included and there may be time breaks in the files accessible on the archive. Rain gauge data on the archive contains a quality check to ensure that the data has been matched with other rain gauge measurements, ensuring its validity. This and other periods of downtime are shown by a potential error associated with each measurement at an hourly resolution.
Documentation: Wensum DTC General information - Supporting Document Hourly Rainfall
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Rights Statement

This data is published under the licence FBA Licence

Attribution: Wensum Alliance

Citation of this data should be as follows:
Wensum Alliance (2015): Recorded rainfall data in the Wensum Catchment between 2010 and 2015 (hourly resolution). Version:1. [dataset] Freshwater Biological Association [publisher]. doi:10.17865/dtcwensum118

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