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Title: Newby Beck Mitigation Sub-Catchment (Long Sike) Discharge and Water Quality
Related Party - Individual (Project Scientist): Doctor Nick Barber (Durham University) Email address:
Related Party - Organisation (Deliverer): Eden DTC
Newby Beck Mitigation Sub-Catchment (Long Sike). Measuring water discharge and turbidity. Monitoring kiosks also contain ISCO automatic samplers periodically triggered during storm events to capture hydrochemical parameters of storm water at high resolution. Monthly grab sample data are also recorded. Further information regarding monitoring equipment is available in the supporting documentation.
Subject Keywords: Discharge (hydrology)TurbidityWater quality measurementsNutrientsSuspended solidsPhosphorusNitrates
Geographic Keywords: Eden (river, Cumbria)CumbriaEngland
Time Window -  Start: 2012-05-08 14:00:00
Publication Date: 2016-07-19

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