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Title: Hydrology and water quality monitoring at Ebble downstream, Hampshire Avon catchment
Related Party - Individual (Point of Contact): Professor Adie Collins* (Rothamsted Research) Email address:
Related Party - Organisation (Funder): Defra
The River Ebble downstream (manipulated site for the Hants Avon DTC; paired with EBAS) monitoring site (EBHS) had a suite of instruments installed, including an Analite NEP395 for the measurement of turbidity, a Casella CEL standard 0.2mm tipping bucket gauge for the measurement of rainfall and a 6600 series multi-parameter sonde for measurement of pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), cholorophyll, conductivity and temperature. A Hach Lange Phosphax nutrient analyser was deployed to measure total phosphorus (TP) and total reactive phosphorus (TRP) and a Hach Lange Nitrax nutrient analyser was deployed to measure nitrate. A CNS type submersible pressure transducer was used to measure stage height and a mainstream doppler velocity transmitter was used to measure flow velocity. Stage height and flow velocity was imputed into a NIVUS OCM Pro CF to estimate flow discharge at 15-minute resolution. All instruments were continuously monitored remotely and downloaded data were stored on a CR200 data logger. An ISCO 3370 sampler was used to collect daily water samples from the river for further analysis in the project laboratory. All N species and P fractions were analysed on a Skalar San++ continuous flow analyser. NPOC was measured by catalytic oxidation on a Shimadzu TOC analyser.
Subject Keywords: HydrologyWater qualityMonitoring
Geographic Keywords: Hampshire Avon catchment
Time Window -  Start: 2012-02-07 End: 2014-03-31
Publication Date: 2016-05-09

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