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Title: Hydrology and water quality monitoring,Wylye at Brixton Deverill, Hampshire Avon catchment
Related Party - Individual (Point of Contact): Professor Adie Collins* (Rothmsted Research) Email address:
Related Party - Organisation (Funder): Defra
The River Wylye at Brixton Deverill (the Hants Avon DTC) monitoring site (BDHS) had a suite of instruments installed, including an Analite NEP395 for the measurement of turbidity and a 6600 series multi-parameter sonde for measurement of pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), cholorophyll, conductivity and temperature. A Hach Lange Phosphax nutrient analyser was deployed to measure total phosphorus (TP) and total reactive phosphorus (TRP) and a Hach Lange Nitrax nutrient analyser was deployed to measure nitrate. All instruments were continuously monitored remotely and downloaded data were stored on a CR200 data logger. River flow at the site was monitored by the Environmental Agency. An ISCO 3370 sampler was used to collect daily water samples from the river for further analysis in the project laboratory. All N species and P fractions were analysed on a Skalar San++ continuous flow analyser. NPOC was measured by catalytic oxidation on a Shimadzu TOC analyser.
Subject Keywords: Water qualityHydrologyMonitoring
Geographic Keywords: Hampshire Avon catchment
Time Window -  Start: 2012-03-13 End: 2014-03-31
Publication Date: 2016-05-09

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