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Title: Salmon in Norway
Author: Lars P. Hansen
Author: Gordon H. Bielby
Document Type: Monograph
This booklet has been written to provide an introduction to the enormous and fascinating subject of salmon in Norway. As such it was intended to find its natural niche in the ever-growing and popular series of ‘Blue Books' produced by the Atlantic Salmon Trust. The author of the booklet is Lars P. Hansen who is a well known Norwegian salmon biologist who worked out of Trondheim, Norway for the Direktoratet For Naturforvaltning. The contribution of Gordon H. Bielby, who was a member of the Council of the Trust, had been merely editorial since he knew nothing about salmon in Norway except what he had learned from his good friend Lars P. Hansen.
Publisher: Atlantic Salmon Trust
Publication Date: 1988
Publication Place: Pitlochry
Subject Keywords: Salmon fisheries; Fish migration; Population distribution; Catches; Angling; Fishing methods; Fishing nets; Life cycle; Fishing rights; Fishing licenses; Fish farms; Exports
Geographic Keywords: Europe
Taxonomic Keywords: Salmo salar; Salmonidae; Salmo salar; Salvelinus alpinus
Extent: 29
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